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"My Song is on Spotify" is the artist community on Spotify Greenroom. Conceived at the inception of Greenroom itself, this community is devoted to not only sharing the music of its artists, but advocating for its artists to receive resources as well. These resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Playlisting opportunities 

  • Increases in song algorithms

  • Podcasting placements

  • Unique networking opportunities with top level music industry executives.


While boasting a global talent pool of over 40 countries, all of the musicians are given an equal opportunity to share their music with a fully engaged audience of musicians, professionals, executives, and fans alike.


"M.S.i.o.S" defies the traditional "curation by analytics" approach to playlists, opting for a more organic "Curation by Community" approach instead. The community utilizes Spotify Greenroom's platform as a means of creating an unbiased space for each musician to build their audience, while a world wide community of listeners discovers new music to fall in love with for the first time.

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